Government Seized Car Auctions – 2 Easy Methods to Find Them!

Government seized car auctions are a good place to pick up bargains whether for re sale or for personal use. However one of the main questions I get asked by friends and neighbors is where have I managed to get my cars from.

To be honest I have tended to buy my cars for personal use but I have sold the ‘odd’ one off after about 6 months and made a tidy profit.

When I’ve told them that I had bought the cars at auction they didn’t believe me. Furthermore only one person has come with me to an auction to see for herself – she still hasn’t got her husband to come along! You see the common misconception amongst people is that government seized car auctions have cars that are somehow inferior in quality. This hasn’t been my experience. The cars that I have bought are usually just over 3 years old and I’ve bought them for a 50% less than what I would have bought them at my local car dealer!!

How do You find where the auctions are?

This I had to find out by trial and error but there are two methods. The first is time consuming and thorough.

I had heard about seized car auctions from a work colleague when we were outside seeing his 3 series BMW (4 years old one at that!). I asked him what he’d paid and nearly died (quite literally) when he said that he had paid 25% less than I had paid for my Toyota. The strange thing is that I didn’t ask him where he went and how he found out about the auction!

Method #1

About 2 months had passed and I was at the local library when I thought I’d look up the yellow pages. I took a note of some of the local auction companies, their websites and contact details and called some of them the following Monday on my free time at work.

The guys were really helpful and I had 3 venues to attend and the times – but guess what? There were no government seized cars at the auction. They were general auctions – I hadn’t at that time realized the difference between a general auction and government seized car auctions which are more specific.

Method #2

It was then that I asked my colleague at the office how he’d found the auction that he’d got his BMW and do you know what he said? Join an auction membership site – that’s all he said!