The Truth About Police Auctions – Buy Police Seized Vehicles At 90 Percent Off

The concept behind the quality of police seized vehicles is that they are private vehicles that have been confiscated or seized by the police or they have been impounded for quite some time.

In our minds and hearts we tend to hold that these vehicles have been seized by the police because at some point of time they were either acquired illegally or have mean used for unfair play. While many a times these convictions are true, they are not always so. Not only do cars sold at the police seized car auctions come from the ones seized by the police but also from the retired staff and personnel and other officers. These cars are generally auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. And since these cars are auctioned by the police, it is beyond all doubts that these transactions follow an entirely legal procedure.

Since the procedure is entirely foolproof and legal, while you go for an auction of police seized vehicles never be in two minds about it. They sell off the cars to the highest bidder and so you should be carrying enough cash with you. They do not accept checks like the private auctioneers. Before you go, research a bit about the cars that are on your list and you would like to invest in. Besides, carry out a research from the public auctions about the car sales. Finally, you should keep a good note about the time when the auction is held and reach the site early enough to get acquainted with the scenario, check the physical condition of the car and get yourself a better chance.

Police seized vehicles are a good investment if you have checked the market value of the car, its history, and details about the warranty and insurance.

Repo Car Auction Auto Tip

An exciting and growing trend in the field of car buying are car auctions. At a car auction you can very quickly find a very high-quality vehicle and purchase it for a price that is below what you would pay at any other place. Some people have a concern over the mechanics of these vehicles in getting them checked out. We will address how to handle this concern.

As you know, any used car that you purchase could have mechanical issues. Generally auctions have less mechanical issues than at a used car dealership. At a dealership people are getting rid of their car because there is a problem with, they want something new so they trade it in. At an auction people lose their vehicles because they cannot make payment, so most of the time there is no issue mechanic issues with the vehicles at auctions. Or at least the chance of mechanical issue is significantly less. This should put your mind at ease about the mechanical condition of vehicles at car auctions.

However that does not mean you should have some caution about the vehicle you are about to purchase. One big indicator of possible problems is rust. A quick scan of the vehicle will reveal if there is lost to the structural integrity of the vehicle due to rust.

It might be a good idea to look through a beginners guide manual book on car mechanics. You can pick up a book like this from your local library or bookstore.

And of course if you have a mechanic that is a friend of yours why not invite him to come along with you to your next car auction event.

Government Seized Car Auctions – 2 Easy Methods to Find Them!

Government seized car auctions are a good place to pick up bargains whether for re sale or for personal use. However one of the main questions I get asked by friends and neighbors is where have I managed to get my cars from.

To be honest I have tended to buy my cars for personal use but I have sold the ‘odd’ one off after about 6 months and made a tidy profit.

When I’ve told them that I had bought the cars at auction they didn’t believe me. Furthermore only one person has come with me to an auction to see for herself – she still hasn’t got her husband to come along! You see the common misconception amongst people is that government seized car auctions have cars that are somehow inferior in quality. This hasn’t been my experience. The cars that I have bought are usually just over 3 years old and I’ve bought them for a 50% less than what I would have bought them at my local car dealer!!

How do You find where the auctions are?

This I had to find out by trial and error but there are two methods. The first is time consuming and thorough.

I had heard about seized car auctions from a work colleague when we were outside seeing his 3 series BMW (4 years old one at that!). I asked him what he’d paid and nearly died (quite literally) when he said that he had paid 25% less than I had paid for my Toyota. The strange thing is that I didn’t ask him where he went and how he found out about the auction!

Method #1

About 2 months had passed and I was at the local library when I thought I’d look up the yellow pages. I took a note of some of the local auction companies, their websites and contact details and called some of them the following Monday on my free time at work.

The guys were really helpful and I had 3 venues to attend and the times – but guess what? There were no government seized cars at the auction. They were general auctions – I hadn’t at that time realized the difference between a general auction and government seized car auctions which are more specific.

Method #2

It was then that I asked my colleague at the office how he’d found the auction that he’d got his BMW and do you know what he said? Join an auction membership site – that’s all he said!