Repossessed Car Auctions – Where Can I Find Them?

Buying at repossessed car auctions is now a popular way of making money. At least that is for the few that get to know where they are held and what to do when they get there.

There are two main methods of finding where they are and that is by searching the newspapers – usually at your local library and/or doing an online search.

Method #1

It’s a fact of life that some people don’t have access to the net at home and ironically it tends to be the age group between 45 and 55 who are the main ‘customers’ at auctions.

The method involves going to your local library and seeing the local newspapers for your County or region and noting the date if you come across any. Many General auctions are held regularly but not necessarily repossession auctions and if it’s a repossession auction that you are specifically looking for you may have to delegate more than a few hours research.

What you will also find in the general reference section of your library, or at least you should if it’s big enough, are directories. If you’re in luck you may be able to find several auction companies in the yellow pages. If you do it’s a good idea to ring them individually and ask them if they hold repossessed car auctions, when they are held and where. If possible get on their mailing list, however most will now only put you on an email list – so if you haven’t got a computer or email address then you are immediately at a disadvantage.

Method #2

As you have probably seen from the previous method there can be a lot of time, energy and uncertainty involved in finding out where the next auction is to be held. I have taken the lazy way out and perhaps the more effective!

My attitude has always been about ‘choice’. I joined a membership site because I needed the information fast and believed that spending the $35 was worth more to me in saved time and hassle. I wanted a choice to see as many auction sites as possible and their times so as if there wasn’t a bargain to be had at one of the auctions I would have another option straight away.

I found that this relieved some of the ‘pressure’ that many buyers feel at an auction to come away with something as they don’t know when the next repossessed car auctions are going to be held!

On joining I had the added benefits of being exposed to other types of auction where I could make money including seized goods and impound auctions!